Washing laundry is a fundamental obligation in both the private and commercial landscape and we utilise billions upon billions of litres of water each year just to account for our laundry requirements in the UK. Our country actually derives less than 40% of its water from domestic resources, which is why we are ranked among the top ten water importers on the planet.

Beguiling Particulars Concerning Laundry

However, before we venture out to tackle the topic of how to assuage your laundry-related expenditures, let’s touch on some laundry trivia and curious facts:

  • Commercial laundry specialists have concluded that approximately 70% of the filth and impurities found on tablecloths, hospital uniforms, clothing, and other textiles are invisible to the naked eye. Even though something appears to be clean, you shouldn’t blindly believe that it is.
  • The typical worker in the UK exudes more than a half-litre of sweat per day but this number can be two or three times as high in the food service sector and other niches that require employees to be in constant motion.
  • Way back during World War I, when we experienced a widespread shortage of the fats required to manufacture natural soap, inventors were forced to contrive the first-ever synthetic laundry detergent as an alternative.
  • The original washing machine was built right here in the UK. In 1782, H. Sidgier of Great Britain constructed an unsophisticated enclosure with interwoven wooden rods and then utilised an extruded handle to turn the device and manipulate the laundry. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that we saw the rise of the automated revolving drum mechanism.

Additionally, you might like to know that even you if opt for second-hand appliances that are a few years old, commercial washers and dryers are still very expensive. The latest models used by your local laundry specialists cost tens of thousands of pounds but they can handle enormous load sizes and greatly diminish water waste, which is why hundreds of organisations across the UK are beginning to abolish their On-Premises Laundry (OPL) operations in favour of outsourcing the tedious work to an expert.

Trust the Experts for Your Laundry Needs

For those who are administering busy commercial kitchens, eat-in restaurants, bed-and-breakfast inns, or hotels, you finally have access to a cost-conscious, individualised industrial laundry service in your area. These nimble-fingered, resourceful laundry handlers will go above and beyond to accommodate your textile needs whether they happen to be massive or relatively trifling:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or impromptu deliveries of first-rate, fully cleaned linens, during which the certified handlers will also scoop up your dirty loads and transfer them back to the facility for washing and drying
  • Virtually limitless selection of commercial textiles that you can pick and choose from contingent upon the fabrics, cloths, and uniforms that your personnel require
  • Absolutely no long-term covenants, minimum order quantities, hidden incidentals, blackout dates without service, or any other service-shattering nonsense

Simply stated, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll always have a complete stock of linens at your fingertips and you’ll be able to slash the OPL expenses that serve as boulders on the shoulders of your business.