Cloud based testing platform uses the tools that are cloud-based to follow real-world user environments and traffic. Cloud-based testing is applicable to test web, cloud, and installed applications. The cloud testing tools and services providers offer test environments to be configured as per the requirements of the application.

Cloud testing includes TaaS, Testing as a service and it allows the organizations to contract out their efforts of testing. TaaS is used for software overall testing and for conducting testing of specialized types such as security, performance, or functional testing. Prior to choosing any cloud-based testing, it is best to consider the benefits it offers:

Benefits of cloud-based testing

Taking into comparison with traditional software testing, there are unique benefits of the cloud-based testing:

  • Scalability: Cloud computing permits the testers to decrease or increase the computing resources as per their requirement. It is useful in cases especially, if the client changes frequently the requirements of their business.
  • Cost-cutting: You pay in cloud computing only for the resources that you use. It means need not invest in expensive equipment and so you also need not spend on upgrading or maintaining. You may use the testing environment right now and pay for it. You can have the hardware and software at your disposal, and may pay for it only if you actually are making use of it.
  • Timesaving:  This is an application that is run simultaneously on different hardware that the testers get to spend more time in fixing the issues or defects.
  • Easily customizable: The testers by using cloud-based services and tools easily emulate an environment that is end-user-centric using minimum time and cost. The test team also performs various testing types in combination of the device environments.
  • Test environment properly configured: Normally, much time is taken to set up on multiple devices a test environment. Moreover, errors done during environment configuration may be repeated on all the devices. Luckily, you may prevent this by employing cloud-based tools that are preconfigured by their provider, thereby you enjoy saving your money and time.
  • Comprehensive testing: To conduct comprehensive testing, there is a need for the test team to run its application on all the available devices that keep up with different platforms, browsers and operating systems. The cloud-based testing offers all configurations and devices, eliminating the buying need.
  • Faster testing The testing is automated and faster, that it reduces time. Thus, it helps to ease the infrastructure of building testing and increasing within the test team good collaboration to ensure efficient testing and real-time reports.